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Occlusal Disease

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In our practice, diagnosis and treatment of occlusal disease is an important part of how we help patients.  Whether it is a sensitive tooth that is getting traumatized due to too much pressure, or chipping of teeth, occlusal disease manifests itself in many ways.  Sometimes patients wil inquire "why are my teeth getting shorter?"  This is occlusal disease that is causing the wear and chipping that damages your teeth.

We believe it is very important to diagnose, study, and plan for the long term occlusal health of the patient.  This comes from taking a conservative approach to "occlusal adjustment" or grinding on teeth or crowns in an attempt to create a harmonious bite relationship.  We frequently begin with an occlusal guard, a protective appliance to wear at night.  This protects the teeth from grinding forces and allows the musles and joint to take a break from nightly grinding forces.         

     Signs and symptoms of occlusal disease

  • Enamel wear
  • Tooth cracking breakage
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Gum recession
  • Loss of bone support
  • Muscle pain
  • TMJ symptoms

Our goal is to preserve the oral health of our patients, as well as to anticipate the long-term results when restorative treatment is provided. Treating occlusal disease can lead to a long life of optimal oral health and restorative treatment success.

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