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What Sets Us Apart?

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Our Mission

To make a difference in each person's life that we touch.


This happens every day in our office

Sometimes it comes from restoring a beautiful smile, and sometimes in happens because we take time to listen.  It can be a child having a great dental experience or an older adult having someone to talk to.  We value the long term relationships with our patients, and listen to understand how we can help them.  All of our team members are dedicated to the caring, personalized experience that makes our practice unique.

This is about your health

This is where the relationship begins.  Today we know that healthy gums and teeth are necessary for good health.  So that we may help patients achieve this goal, we emphasize prevention of dental disease.  Preventive are is a shared responsibility of our practice and the patient.  After many years in practice, Dr. Spangler knows what will work to help you keep your teeth healthy and problem free.  Our team will do everything to assist you to keep your teeth for your lifetime.

Children – our most precious patients

Making a visit to the dentist a pleasant, non-threatening experience is one of our most fundamental beliefs. We achieve this through interacting with children and engaging them in their dental health. Whether they are young children or teens, this approach focuses on your children for who they are, with their unique questions and concerns always taken into account. Our preventive approach for children has one goal, to achieve a healthy, aesthetic, functional, decay-free mouth. With the partnership of you, the parent, we believe this is attainable for every child in our practice.

Our Business

Yes, this is a business.  Only through smart management of the business can we continue to provide the best facilities, team and services to our patients.  When a business is run well, treatment can be kept as affordable as possible for patients.

Our Team

Nothing would happen in our office if it wasn’t for the dedicated team of dental professionals who share in our practice’s vision. Our team is made up of talented and caring individuals who frequently put their personal needs aside to help the success of our team. They are continually engaged in learning to be more effective professionals and people.

Giving Back to Our Community

After practicing over 25 years and living more than 50 years in this community, Dr. Spangler, his family, and staff have contributed significantly to the quality of life in Bloomfield Hills and Oakland County. With this history of caring comes a responsibility of giving back to the community through participation and leadership. We are dedicated to continuing to be a resource for health, education, and quality of life for the community in which we live and practice.

Creating an atmosphere of Gratitude

Every day we are grateful for the patients that we see, the place that we practice, and all of the other people who make our lives fulfilling and meaningful. It is a privilege to work with a wonderful staff, caring and skilled specialists, and laboratories and suppliers who all support our philosophy and values. We celebrate daily how fortunate we are to have people who appreciate what we do.


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