Why Would Someone Need a Dental Implant?

When a permanent tooth is lost or is missing, a dental implant can be a conservative, minimally invasive solution. It can be very functional, nice looking and durable. Implants restored with implant crowns can last a lifetime. Here are some examples of situations where an implant is an excellent replacement for your natural tooth.

Tooth cracked all the way to the bone.
A tooth broken at the gumline that is not restorable is a candidate for an implant.
Porcelain crown supported by an implant replaces the broken tooth.

What Defines an Excellent Implant Restoration?

An excellent implant restoration is one that feels, functions and looks like a natural tooth. With planning and coordination with the surgeon, this is attainable. While there are limitations due to bone shape and contour, these can be overcome with innovative restoration solutions. In planning for an excellent result, Dr. Spangler works closely with the surgeon placing the implant and the dental laboratory to plan the successful result.

Final crown in place to replace the broken tooth.

What Our Patients Say

Tooth decayed far below the gumline weakening the tooth.

Patients Benefit From a Team Approach

Excellence in implant dentistry comes from working with an experienced and coordinated team. With Dr. Spangler’s years of experience, he has developed a team of people dedicated to achieving the highest standards of care. At the start of an implant restoration, we will consult with the periodontist or oral surgeon placing the implant, as well as the dental lab that will be restoring the implant. By planning before we even begin treatment, each member of the team will contribute their knowledge and experience to achieving a successful result.

After extraction of the decayed tooth, an implant was placed and the tooth restored with an implant-supported crown. Note the contour of the restoration that creates ideal gum and bone health for the future.

Maintaining a Healthy Implant

Once an implant is restored, it is critical that the implant be maintained. Not only does this mean brushing and flossing at home but also regular professional care. Our dental hygienists are skilled at cleaning around implants and keeping the gum tissue healthy. Dr. Spangler examines every implant and implant restoration at each continuing care visit to be sure the gum and bone are healthy.

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A porcelain crown over the implant placed where failing tooth was located.