How Can We Help You?

Some of our new patients come with dental urgencies and emergencies. They find us from many sources, frequently friends, relatives and co-workers that we have been treating for years. By calling earlier in the day, we can better see you to resolve the issue that day. We welcome your call and will do our best to meet your needs most expeditiously.


Before We See You

In order to make your first visit go most smoothly and effectively, there are several online forms that can be filled out ahead of time. Information such as your health history, contact information and any relevant insurance information can be completed ahead of time. By doing this, it allows us to more quickly plan for effective treatment of current concerns and begin to develop a plan of treatment for the future.

“Wow! That was the most thorough examination I have ever had.”

These are the words that are most frequently heard from patients in our office at the end of the New Patient Examination. Our goal is to examine, observe, listen to you, diagnose, inform and educate at this appointment. Lasting over an hour, we will examine all areas of the mouth, lip and neck, while explaining the benefits of a regular examination. We take the responsibility of examining the patient very seriously, especially looking for the changes that could indicate an oral cancer. Having found several malignant cancers during comprehensive examinations, Dr. Spangler’s experience is invaluable in looking for suspicious areas.

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“I have never had a dentist explain things to me like that.”

As Dr. Spangler is performing the examination, he will be describing what he is doing and why he is examining particular areas. While he is dictating the findings to his assistant, he is also explaining the significance of each portion of the examination. Whether it is checking for dry mouth or examining for gum disease, each portion of the exam will reveal important aspects of your oral health. At the end of the appointment he will answer any questions that you may have about the findings from the examination. If there are some significant findings, a treatment conference may be scheduled to dedicate additional time to discuss important health concerns.


What Our Patients Say